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I created this Wiki as a place to record my thoughts, ideas, lessons, and hacks related to paragliding, with the aim to make me a better and safer pilot.

There are many voices in our sport and there is much to be gained from others. What I write down here is my own opinion, something that will probably evolve over time. I don't subscribe to universal truths outside, say, the bounds of science and governing laws (there is no absolute "right way" to turn when reverse-launching, but it is certainly illegal to fly in some airspaces). Do your own research and find what works for you.

I trained and started flying in 2021 in South Africa (but usually live in Mexico) so some of these articles may have a specific geographic focus and be more relevant to new and progressing pilots, like me.

If you like something, disagree with me, or just want to talk paragliding, send me a message.

Getting started

Main article: Getting started

Just because you can learn to paraglide in a week, doesn't necessarily mean you should (but you probably should: it's life-changing stuff). There are many things to consider before taking the leap.

Where to fly

Main article: Flying sites

How to find paragliding sites, get a proper briefing, and stay out of restricted areas.

Where not to fly

Main article: Airspace

Once you're in the sky, there are some areas that you need to be aware of (and others that you must absolutely avoid).

When to fly

Main article: When to fly

Learn how to become better at forecasting and find great flying days.


Main article: Checklists

Our form of aviation is the only kind that doesn't rely on checklists (but really: it should). Lists prevents complacency and may help you have a safer, more enjoyable, and less stressful flight.

Gear, software, and hacks

Main article: Gear

Sure, you only need around 4kgs of thin fabric and a bunch of lines above your head (and a harness to keep you tied to it all), but there are a lot of other small things to consider that might make your flying more comfortable and safe.

Emergencies, insurance, and safety

Main article: Emergencies

Things don't often go wrong, but when they do, you need to have your shit in order.