Flying sites

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The easiest first step to find a flying site is to ask around at your flying club, other pilots, or in the various social media groups.

The following books, apps, and websites might also be handy:

Also see the Western Cape Windrose for sites that are flyable from different wind directions on the When to fly page.

Note that some launch sites may be on private land where you'll need to get prior permission, for others you may need advanced certification (like a Sports Licence / IPPI 5), others may be completely illegal to fly from (such as unapproved launches from national parks). Ask around.

Also, very important for foreign pilots visiting South Africa: you will need a SAHPA Foreign Pilot Permit to fly anywhere, otherwise you'll be in breach of the laws of the SA Civil Aviation Authority.

Once you're in the air, there are airspace rules that you should be aware of.