How to make your phone number clickable on your website


Scenario: I’m walking down the street, trying to get in touch with a recommended restaurant to see if they have space available. Expected user experience: Do a Google search for the number, find it, tap it, call them (and hopefully find a table). Search, find, tap call. Actual user experience: Using my smartphone, I did a Google search for their name, found their website and tapped through...

Mr Price: Here’s how not to run email marketing


How not to run email marketing Iโ€™ll preface this post by saying that this isnโ€™t a stab at any of the people or companies mentioned in this case study, but rather a post that highlights some mistakes made by companies (big or small) and how to improve things. Iโ€™ll also say that bad design (and development) of websites and emails drive me up the wall (I registered the domain yourwebsiteisshit.com...

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