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Uber is in Cape Town!


This city’s transportation system has momentum. It’s also a city that’s been doing well to assist with the transition of South Africans – of a broad economic rainbow – to be more supportive of public transportation, something that has a bit of a stigma of something you have to take not choose to take. It’s a place with a decent spread of rail, various buses, minibuses and private taxis; with...

Will work for beer


I mean that literally, I will work for beer. Or rather: I have worked for beer (and will happily do so again). I’ve been following the microbrew Lakeside Beerworks online for a while. I’m quite fond of craft beer (and a homebrewer with zero spoilt brews) so when Facebook told me I should like their page, I complied. They seemed to have things nicely in place: a modern (dare I say hipster) logo, a...

How to use Pandora and Hulu outside the US with Hola Unblocker


I’m fascinated by algorithms and how they’ve come to dominate our lives (and if you don’t think the subject can ever be labelled as fascinating, go ahead and read Automate This by Christopher Steiner and talk to me again). I’m also a huge fan of music (of various genres) and have been getting great track and artist recommendations by the Pandora engine for the past half-dozen years. The idea is...

Don’t ever get a free website


This post originally appeared on the joomper blog. We’ll preface this post by saying that we believe that free website solutions such as Wix, Weebly, Wozaonline, Blogger and (the freely hosted version of) WordPress add tremendous value to the Internet community. They give a platform and a voice to thousands of bloggers and small businesses, they give people the opportunity to create, share, be...

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