I picked up a guitar in high school and quickly fell in love with it. Since then I’ve also learned how to play the ukulele, bass, didgeridoo and how to compose and perform music with various electronic devices and software (keyboards, Ableton Live, Traktor, Korg Kaoss pads and a cupboard full of other toys).

My music

I follow a wide range of genres –neither death metal nor African jazz are off limits– but I’m particularly fond of indie, rock and electronica. I’ve performed many different styles of music in front of audiences too. From the guitarist in a noise-rock band to a one-man outfit with slowly layering multi-instrumental electronic soundscapes to dance music DJ at music festivals (recording of the show and press mention, linked in the article).

Here is one of my albums, Mountains; mostly ambient soundscapes and a little bit of post-rock.

I’ve uploaded a few more songs I wrote, recorded and engineered to SoundCloud. Consider all my music soundscapes best used as music for certain scenes in movies.

My playlists

There is a lot of research on running to music with 180 beats per minute; the relatively fast cadence lowers stress on your legs, reduces injury and generally improves performance. I’ve set most of my personal best times by keeping my legs in beat with my (ever growing) 180 bpm Spotify playlist.

You can see my other public Spotify playlists here.

About me

Werner van Rooyen

Formerly Business Development and Marketing at Luno (where we went from eight nerds in a tiny office to hundreds of people spread over three continents) and before that Marketing at PayFast. Currently a full-time nomad, learning, running long distances and doing research, mostly in Mexico.