How to set up hosting


We’ll set up hosting with Site5, an affordable hosting provider with great features, uptime & support.

Step one

Visit Site5.

Step two

Make sure the web hosting tab is selected:

web hosting tab

Step three

Choose a location closest to you.


The closest server to South Africa is London, UK.

Step four

Choose your package: HostBasic or HostPro, scroll down and hit the Order Now button.



If you’re planning on just hosting one website, just select basic. If you want to build and host an unlimited amount of websites (without paying for a new hosting package for each domain), select hostPro.

Step five

Complete checkout. In one of the checkout steps, you’ll be asked what domain you’d like to use. Select the option for a domain which you already own:


When you’re done with checkout, you’ll have both a domain name and the ability to host (and display) a website when people visit your domain.

In the next lessons, we’ll plan and set up our websites.

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