How to install WordPress


WordPress is one of the most powerful website management tools out there. It is customisable, easy to use, it powers over 20% of the entire internet and best of all: it’s free!

Let’s get started

Step one

Log in to your hosting account.


Step two

Go to the Site Admin of your account and select Web Apps from the sidebar Install & Manage Web Apps > WordPress > Install.


Step three

Set up the WordPress & site settings.


Prefix: Use the default “http://www.”

Domain: Select your domain from the dropdown list.

Directory: We’re leaving this blank, we want people to see our WordPress site when they hit our website (not

Database: You can leave this as is.

Database prefix: You can leave this as is.

Site settings: Give the site a name, description and leave the WPMU box unchecked.


Admin settings: Choose a unique username & password (don’t use “admin” as your username, it’s the default –and therefore insecure– WordPress username). Also enter an admin email address.

Language: Mine is set as English.

Plugins: If you want, you can enable limiting of login attempts, but don’t bother with the others for now.

Install instructions: Enter an email address where you’ll receive confirmation of the installation.

Step four

Hit the Install button.

After a few seconds you should see a success screen with summary of the installation details. Check your inbox for an email with the same details, save it in a safe place.

Step five

You’re all done!

You can visit your domain to see the blank WordPress installation.

In the next lesson, we’ll learn about customising our WordPress website. If you want to start customising your site right away, you can visit your site’s admin URL (, using the login credentials you used in step three.

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